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Abbeyleix Bog Project Newsletter.

Abbeyleix Bog Project Newsletter

1st Edition, February 2011

A chara,

Did you know that:

- The town of Abbeyleix has been given a 500 acre amenity by Bord Na Mona on a 50 year lease?

- This is the biggest gift Abbeyleix has ever received?

- The area in question is the Abbeyleix bog?

In return, Bord Na Mona asks that the area is managed, developed and maintained with the respect it deserves. In order to facilitate this, a 3-way structure has been set up, consisting of:

  1. A board of trustees
  2. A technical advisory group
  3. A management committee (the Abbeyleix Bog Project Company)

So who owns the bog now?

The answer is simple: You do. We all do. The lease belongs to the community of Abbeyleix.

You are part-owner of an area of little-known richness which is right on your doorstep. Therefore you are heartily invited to come and check out this fantastic place and join us, the Abbeyleix Bog Project company in our voyage of discovery of this treasure.

What are the plans?

Without compromising its delicate eco-system, we will be able to develop the area into a place of interest for nature lovers and education for children and adults alike. It could even be a great source of inspiration for those of us who are interested in for instance painting, photography, poetry, and sculpting.

Believe it or not, but some parts of the bog easily match the gardens of Heywood in their beauty as a setting for your wedding pictures.

Our plans include:

  • The introduction of bee-hives
  • Placing nest boxes for the birds
  • Creating piers and outlook posts for visitors and bird-watchers
  • Creating a safe haven for rare species and try to prevent their extinction.
  • Safe-guarding the bio-diversity of the area.

Ever tasted real Abbeyleix bog honey? Neither have we, but we intend to!!


Surveys were carried out which indicate that out of all 32 species of butterflies in Ireland, a staggering 16 have been found so far during a summer on the Abbeyleix bog. We are planning another butterfly mapping survey this summer, in conjunction with the National Biodiversity Centre in Waterford. We encourage anyone who would like to take part to contact us.

We intend to supply the Irish Peatland Conservation Council with a completed ‘hop to it’ frog survey by the end of 2011. These surveys can be a fun way for families to spend some time outdoors. We found that kids especially enjoyed participating.

We know all this will attract tourists to our town, which will be beneficial to all of us.

What has been done so far.

Works have started on the entrance to the bog. The old gate is being replaced and information boards are being put up.

A group of enthusiastic international university students are planning to visit the town this summer with the specific aim to spend some study time on the Abbeyleix bog.


As a resident of the area, we value your opinion. We would love to hear your views and ideas on this or even better, you might like to become a member of the Abbeyleix Bog Project.

We are actively recruiting new members to become ‘Friends of the bog’. Membership costs €20 per annum for adults. People under 18 years of age can obtain free membership.

Although your membership fee will go a long way towards developing our plans, you do not have to become a member in order to be involved. Everybody is welcome.

Contact details

You can contact us via post at Abbeyleix Bog Project



Or phone Bernice Molloy at: 05787 31000

Or email:

We will be delighted to hear from you.