Public Meeting to decide future of Abbeyleix Bog - Abbeyleix Manor Hotel - Tue 4th May, 8:00pm

Post date: Apr 28, 2010 8:10:04 PM

Q. Why should I go to yet another meeting?

A. This is not just another meeting. The bog is 500 acres and after 10 years of campaigning has been handed over to the community to be developed. It is the biggest amenity to be handed to the community in nearly 100 years and there is a huge chance for everyone to gain something and make the project a big success.

Q. What does it mean to “develop the bog”?

A. Developing the bog will involve setting up and running numerous projects including; physical restoration, research and education projects, leisure & amenity projects, business/employment opportunities all of which will benefit the whole community.

Q. What will the meeting entail?

A. The meeting will be about explaining the vast extent of this huge opportunity on our doorstep and setting up a new organisation to make things happen. It is open to every single person.