Our new boardwalk

Our Boardwalk and why we built it for you.

The boardwalk facilitates access to our "High Bog" which is a habitat that is otherwise difficult to enter in Ireland. Typically within bogs/peatlands, there are areas of open drains, pools, rough ground and very wet and unstable underfoot conditions. The boardwalk allows those who are unused to visiting wild areas to walk on a safe route and view the area from a stable platform, protecting the bog and the visitors in one action. Visitor time spent within our site allows us to explain the resource of bogs/peatlands and their biodiversity to our global community. A key output from the boardwalk is the opportunity to promote good environmental management through observation, formalized teaching, self-learning, and active participation thus promoting community stewardship of natural resources.

The boardwalk was officially opened by Dr John Feehan in August 2014.

Our volunteers hand built the boardwalk for you, the first phase took 20 volunteers, 90 days to complete, and they used 4.5 km of timber, 310m of plastic stakes, 180m of storm water pipe, 130 bolts & nuts, 7000 screws! Disturbance to the site was kept to a minimum.

Assistance was also provided by RSS members and Portlaoise Men's Shed.

Boardwalk development

We want to increase access to our site by physically connecting people to the local natural environment. Through two boardwalks, we can deliver a high quality community based message of active participation in environmental resource management especially at a ground level. By promoting community initiative, local stewardship, all inclusiveness, personal health, environmental management, and community based knowledge transfer we wish to provide for future generations the gift of access to a beautiful natural bog resource.