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Please come and visit, all are welcome, leave no trace

Please come and visit, when here we ask you to:

Please have fun, wear suitable footwear and dress for our Irish weather.

Please know your own limits, be active but build your activity slowly and look after yourself and the others with you.

Please eat healthily, bring a trail snack, but leave no trace behind, drink water, bring it with you.

Please don’t smoke, it may cause a fire which will destroy our community bog

Please walk with family and friends but be aware that bogs are hazardous, water is cold, drains and pools are deep and dangerous, areas may be boggy

Please take care of other users who may not be on horseback

Please stay on the trails, protect the Abbeyleix Bog and yourself

Please take responsibility for your children, and take particular care of young and new visitors

Please keep dogs on leads

Please ring 999 in case of emergency, ask for the service you require

Please know that the only turning point (for emergency vehicles) is 1400m from the gateway it is under construction at present.

Please only use vehicles in case of emergency or with permission

Please smile at the other users here, say hi and be respectful. Please be a responsible, happy member of our community and encourage others to be so.

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